Matus Racek

director | cinematographer | editor 

Matus Racek is a filmmaker and photographer born in Slovakia and living in Canada, whose video archive, 5443, is a revival of analogue video technologies. His fictive comedic commercials have garnered a large following online and have been shown in contemporary art galleries and film festivals. In 2012, Matus co-created the critically acclaimed web-series, Parc Avenue Tonight, serving as D.O.P, editor and graphic designer for the 16-episode series, which culminated in a live televised one-hour special of the show for CBC’s Absolutely Quebec (2013). In 2015, he co-created and directed Article, a 30-episode web-series featuring interviews with contemporary artists, produced by contemporary art centre, Arsenal (Montreal/Toronto/New York). In 2017, Matus received a Canada Council grant to produce an augmented-reality video book that is a behind the scenes look at his decade-long and ongoing VHS archive, 5443. Matus co-produced, directed, filmed and edited the documentary, Boris: A Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man, which premiered in Palm Springs in April 2018 and was pronounced an audience favourite. The film was also a finalist at the BLOW-UP Arthouse Film Festival in Chicago for Best Short Documentary and is currently continuing its festival run.


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Natalie Vansier

producer | interviewer | screenwriter

Natalie Vansier started on set at ten years old with the lead role in a feature film. Over the next five years, she starred in five films and two Canadian-American TV series, Lassie and Big Wolf on Campus (50 episodes cumulatively). Natalie then took an extended break from acting to pursue her studies, culminating in a Double Honours in Art History & Classics at McGill University and a Masters in Art History at Université de Montréal. In 2012, she co-created and produced Parc Avenue Tonight, the acclaimed talk show web series that concluded with her co-producing a live televised event on CBC’s Absolutely Quebec. Natalie subsequently worked in prominent art institutions, such as Arsenal Contemporary (Montreal/Toronto/NYC), where she co-created Article, a vlog in which she interviewed local and international artists on the occasion of their upcoming exhibitions (30 episodes). She then co-founded RAVAN Productions with longtime collaborator, filmmaker Matus Racek, producing commercials, video series and films in industries ranging from competitive equitation to fine arts. Their recent documentary, Boris: A Portrait of an Artist as an Old Man is beginning its festival run and has already picked up some awards. In 2019, Vansier is developing her comedy series, Polly, as screenwriter, producer and lead actor.  



Daryl Vansier

Executive producer

Daryl Vansier is a psychophysical therapist, lifestyle and career counsellor and former yoga teacher, trainer, workshop animator, and founder/administrator of a holistic health centre, Heaven and Earth Institute. Having spent eleven years as a Buddhist monk, he transitioned into the business of healing, and practiced and taught various techniques of massage, bodywork, yoga, meditation and psycho-therapeutic tools rooted in Jungian psychology. He released a DVD on his reputed yoga courses, Divya Yoga, in 2013, his second publication since his first album as a songwriter/guitarist, Vision of Oneness, in 1999. He currently is releasing a documentary on his father, painter Boris Vansier, that he co-produced with his daughter. He currently shares his time between Costa Rica and Montreal, Canada.




Alvin Schackman


Al Schackman was the musical director and guitarist for singer Nina Simone from 1957 until her death in 2003. Schackman was also lead guitarist for Harry Belafonte from 1963 to 1970 and was the “first call’ guitarist for Atlantic and Columbia Records. Schackman also played on Olatunji’s classic Drums of Passion album as well as recordings by The Isley Brothers and The Drifters, among others. He has also played with Sarah Vaughan and toured with Dinah Washington. Schackman recently performed with the legendary pianist/composer Bob Dorough of Schoolhouse Rock! fame, and toured with the original Nina Simone band in tribute concerts.

Original score recorded at Cates Ranch. Mixing and mastering by Edward Harrington.